I saw this floating around on my flist and thought it looked like too much fun not to do. Besides, I've never done a bingo card/prompt-table sort of thing before, and I ought to, right? ...right? :D

Table-Combination of A, B & C
001.Beginnings. 002.Middles. 003.Ends. 004.Hours. 005.Days.
006.Years. 007.Lovers. 008.Friends. 009.Strangers. 010.Too Much.
011.Not Enough. 012.Simple. 013.Complicated. 014.Accident. 015.Addicted.
016.Sound. 017.Touch. 018.Taste. 019.Sunrise. 020.Breakfast.
021.Lunch. 022.Dinner. 023.Vacation. 024.Date. 025.Birthday.
026.Valentine. 027.Hurt. 028.Passion. 029.Confession. 030.Discovery.
031.Lost. 032.Sex. 033.Jealousy. 034.Anniversaries. 035.Safe.
036.Broken. 037.Fixed. 038.Heat. 039.Them. 040.Work.
041.Bedroom. 042.Romance. 043.Beauty. 044.Forgiveness. 045.Regret.
046.First Meeting. 047.Hardest Truth. 048.Anything. 049.Intimacy. 050.Kisses.
051.Frustration. 052.Absurd. 053.Laughter. 054.Confidence. 055.Sexy.
056.Sensuality. 057.Ambiguity. 058.Act. 059.Anger. 060.Trust.
061.Patience. 062.Opportunity. 063.Bliss. 064.Kinky. 065.Magnetic.
066.Surreal. 067.Could Have. 068.Should Have. 069.Hunger. 070.Need.
071.Want. 072.Mine. 073.Perspective. 074.Almost. 075.Always.
076.Warmth. 077.Heartache. 078.Ghosts. 079.Biggest Fear. 080.Everything.
081.Nothing. 082.Glimpse. 083.Hands. 084.Leather. 085.Tattoo.
086.Branding. 087.Handcuffs. 088.Dominant. 089.Threesome. 090.Cuddle.
091.Control. 092.Secret. 093.Couch. 094.Tease. 095.Protection.
096.Scent. 097.Breathe. 098.Ring. 099.Whisper. 100.Choices.

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From: [personal profile] dancing_serpent

That does look interesting. Maybe something like that would help me getting into writing again.


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What you can do with your life has little to do with what's going on in the world and everything to do with what you see as possible.

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