I stand amazed, to be honest. It's been too long since I've posted any fic at all. ♥

Safari; Jeeves & Wooster; 100 words

"Not what one expects, is it, Jeeves?"

"Indeed, sir."

"Not in the safari pamphlet, as it were."

"Indeed not, sir." There was a distinct soupy tone.

"You don't speak the local stuff by chance, do you, Jeeves?"

"I'm afraid not, sir."

I shifted uncomfortably against the tight ropes and there was a metal clang as my foot bumped the side of the man-sized pot. "Never thought to be in the literal soup, Jeeves."

"It seemed unlikely, sir."

"Surrounded by spears."

"Indeed, sir."

"Got a plan forming in that fish-fed brain, by chance?"

"I am sure something will occur directly, sir."

Adopt a Kingdom; Jeeves/Wooster; crossover: Kingdom; 100 words

"You're sure about this, Reg?" I peered anxiously down at my bundle and then up at Reg's stuffed-frog expression.

"Yes, Bertram," he said firmly, if with a note of regret. Said note spoke volumes to me and I felt a pang of guilt.

I held baby Peter a little tighter. "So where's this Kingdom chap? If he's going to adopt a Jeeves he should have the decency to be prompt about it."

"Like most small towns, Market Fishborough has a strong network of communication—"

"Gossips, you mean."

"Indeed. He's likely having difficulty slipping away."

I hoped he never showed up.

Safari is an exploration of a longer piece that's been prodding at me for a couple weeks now. Adopt a Kingdom is something I plan to expand into a ficlet so I can add the details a drabble doesn't allow for. *glee*


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