Title: Entirely Necessary
Author: [insanejournal.com profile] eaivalefay
Pairing: Harry/Lucius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: wall!sex (sort of), breathplay, light bondage, and parseltongue used as a, ah, "weapon"
Word Count: 475 words.
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, they're JKR's. I'm not making any money off my fanfics.
Summary: "I'm starting to think you enjoy your punishment far too much. We'll try to correct that, shall we?" But Lucius knows this is an empty threat.
Notes: [insanejournal.com profile] tinkerpixy is the Dark Lordess and I do her bidding. ♥

Lucius tugs at the annoying muggle contraptions, testing their strength. "Is this entirely necessary?" He asks, trying to ignore the heat pooling in his groin.

A smirk easily crosses Harry's face, "of course it is. Do I ever do anything without a reason?" He glides closer to the chained blond.

Lucius doesn't answer the question, instead settling himself as comfortably as possible against the stone wall; the Dark Lord that defeated Voldemort tended to dislike being corrected. Which is why I'm in this position in the first place, Lucius thinks, again tugging uselessly at the handcuffs.

Harry presses himself into Lucius, making sure every inch of their bodies are touching. "Now, now, Lucius. You know fighting only makes things worse for you." He reminds as his pet snake unwinds itself from his shoulders to slide around Lucius'.

'Play nice until I say so.' Harry hisses and Lucius cock twitches. Harry smirks again.

"You can never just listen to me, can you?" Harry chuckles softly, hands drifting slowly down his chest, fingers making quick work of the clasps on his robe. "I'm starting to think you enjoy your punishment far too much. We'll try to correct that, shall we?" But Lucius knows this is an empty threat.

Harry sinks to his knees and hisses, parseltongue flowing from his mouth like sin, and Lucius finds himself pressing his hips forward even as he feels the snake around his neck tighten its grip.

Pushing robes aside, Harry leans forward, gently scraping his teeth against Lucius' cock before taking in his entire length.

Lucius struggles to breathe, mind going blank, unsure if this tightness in his chest is due to the mouth around his cock or the snake squeezing around his neck. It feels like pure ecstasy, he thinks, as Harry sucks and licks him, fingers playing with his balls, and as his familiar slowly strangles the life out of him. His mind starts going blank, his vision going black and then he's coming and coming and its the ultimate high and why does Harry even wonder why he keeps coming back for more but then Harry knows he has to and suddenly the snake is gone from his neck even as Lucius passes into unconsciousness.

When Lucius finally wakes he finds himself in his bedroom in his own manor. Nothing indicates that Lucius was previously bound to the wall of Harry Potter's study. Nothing at all indicates what Lucius knows happened not even two hours ago. Even the bruise Lucius knows should be around his neck is gone. But this is just like his Lord, covering all of his tracks. Lucius also knows this won't be the last time he wakes in his own bed, looking for bruises that should be there but aren't. He smiles as he rises from his bed. No, it wasn't the last time.

From: [identity profile] mizstorge.insanejournal.com

I love this! You have utterly seduced me with DarkLord!Harry/Lucius!

I discovered this fic a few days ago, and have been looking for it ever since. I posted queries on my IJ, LJ and at various communities and now I must make haste to post links...

From: [identity profile] eaivalefay.insanejournal.com

I saw that search! I was trying to remember what fic it was, because I was sure I'd seen it, but it wouldn't come to mind. *facepalm*

I'm very glad you found it again and even gladder you enjoyed it. ♥ I only wish I had remembered to save you some pain of searching it out!

From: [identity profile] mizstorge.insanejournal.com


My search for this seem to have inspired some fic in response, so keep an eye on your f-list. I'll be sure to post links in any case. Oh, and I mentioned it at the FAP Harry/Lucius (http://forums.fictionalley.org/park/showthread.php?s=0e641715900b427f9650e1a57c49db83&threadid=88582) discussion.

From: [identity profile] eaivalefay.insanejournal.com


I definitely will, thanks for the heads up! I'd love to read new stories on the idea. There just aren't enough of them. ;)


From: [identity profile] sweetsorcery.insanejournal.com

Woohoo. Very hot, despite my distinct iffiness about breathplay. So glad [insanejournal.com profile] mizstorge did the search thing. Can I just say that it amuses me greatly that you didn't know it was yours? LOL

From: [identity profile] eaivalefay.insanejournal.com

*cheers* I'm glad you liked it! And really it amuses me that I didn't know it was mine. *grin*

I adore your icon. *grin* Oh, OotP, you were so kinky.

From: [identity profile] sweetsorcery.insanejournal.com


I can't wait for OotP on DVD. I'm all a-bounce with anticipation.


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