Title: Seth Lambert and the House of Sparklypoo (Year 1)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Seth Potter (OMC); secondary characters: Adam Lambert, Harry Potter, slew of other canon and original characters.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings (Highlight to View): Occasional cuss, blatant abuse of the Gary-Stu.
Word Count: 9,816
Beta Readers: [info]furorscribiendi and [info]stasia
Note: This is a HP/Bandom (Adam Lambert) crossover written for the [info]Hogwarts_Houses fest! So much love and adoration to my betas, because without their help this fic would not exist right now. Really. ♥ They are both so incredibly amazing.
It's the universal tale of boy meets boy, or rather, what happens when the tale ends. In this case, Harry Potter meets Adam Lambert. They fall in love, settle down, have kids... And as kids eventually do, theirs grow up and go to school. In Seth (Lile Éibear) Potter-Lambert’s case, normal is a relative term and even Hogwarts isn't quite what he expects it to be.

Seth Lambert and the House of Sparklypoo )
I am so excited I don’t have the words for it. I did cross out about five cusses of enthusiasm, for example. The fic I have been working on with [personal profile] furorscribiendi has just gone live on lambliffbigbang! It’s brilliant, and I can say that because I’m shoving most credit onto Furor here. *grin* And miazailla did the beautiful artwork for this behemoth of a fic. She is amazing, go check out her post! Both the fic and art are linked at the bottom of this post. *flail, bounce*

Title: Electric Sheep
Author: [personal profile] furorscribiendi & [personal profile] eaivalefay
Artist: miazailla
Type: Dystopic cyberpunk
Word Count: 78,000
Rating: R
Characters: Adam, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Kris Allen, Katy O'Connell, Monte Pittman, Neil, Leila Lambert, Eber Lambert, Longineu Parsons, Camila Grey
Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Kris/Katy
Warnings: Graphic violence, strong language, character death (highlight to see clarification: *not Adam or Tommy*), mild sexual situations

The year is 2987. Cybernetics are widespread globally, and especially in heavy usage in the United Southern States. In the South, virtual reality is a pastime for the rich and affluent and no program is more loved than Cowell Enterainment's Adam program. But something rotten is unfolding at the core of the United Southern States, and the ruling corporations can’t cover it up fast enough. Hackers abound and are synonymous with anarchists, facing the death penalty if captured. The police force, while claiming to be for the public good, is controlled entirely by the corporations.

Kris Allen and Katy O’Connell know this and still they fight to try and expose the corporations for what they are and what they have done. Meanwhile, Tommy “Crow” Ratliff and Monte “Vein” Pittman have given up on exposing the corporations and are only working to take them down. They have hacked into whatever companies they can and slipped their latest virus into the systems. Suddenly the Adam program, as much as it’s loved, is going the way of its brother, Neil, and starting to show some glitchy behaviour after its five year run.

When Kris and Katy break into a Fuller Corporation compound one night, they stumble across an experiment that changes everything. Adam and Neil come to light, struggling for their own survival. Kris and Katy have found more than they ever dreamed of uncovering, but in their discovery they irrevocably tangle their lives with the others’, and now they’re all on the run for the Free Republic of the North, not only for their own lives, but for the hope of the entire South.

Fic Master Post
Art Master Post


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