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( Dec. 27th, 2011 02:40 am)
About a week ago I went on an unsuccessful search for Adam/Sauli icons. I found a few which I promptly hoarded like a dragon short on gold, but that's all I found. Now, I wasn't quite sure where to search and didn't find any communities for them, so maybe I am simply overlooking where they're all stored, but in this apparent lack of Adam/Sauli icons I went on a binge and created a ton. And I do mean a ton. Exactly 120 of them, with ten more Sauli icons and four more Adam icons tossed in on the side there.

What? The world needs Adam/Sauli icons. It just does. :D

So. Here they are!

- 4 Adam Lambert
- 10 Sauli Koskinen
- 120 Adam/Sauli


001 002 003

Adam, Sauli, and Adam/Sauli Icons! \o/ )

- Feel free to use them as you please.
- Credit is love!
- Comments are even more love! \o/
- Have fun! Do what you will with them! They're pretty basic but not strictly bases. You can use them as bases though. Do whatever you like! Just enjoy!

ETA: What community/communities do I post these to?! *flail* Achieved! :D Thank you!


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