Everyone go look. Be inspired. Write twenty facts. ;D

The Harry Potter Random Facts Fest

And speaking of fests, guess what fest has begun posting?!

Hogwarts' Houses Fest
Come tickle a sleeping dragon at [info]hogwarts_houses!

Really, go look! ♥
This is my Three Facts meme response that should have been posted a long, long time ago. Typical of me, I know. I wanted to get this up days after people prompted me with names. I know they are months late, and I apologize to those who were interested in seeing my response, but here they are now. *blush*

I wish Voldemort and Lucius both were more wordy than they are, but I found it quite difficult to put their personalities into words. It's all there in my head, drat it, but the words actually fail me. *grumble*

Also, most of these were written before DH, so some things may be different than what is canon now.

Ron Weasley )

Alastor Moody )

Nymphadora Tonks )

Mrs. Walburga Black (of Portrait Fame) )

Lucius Malfoy )

Lord Voldemort )


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