Oh god, this. THIS THIS THIS.

Adam Lambert premiered a new song at his concert in Quebec last night, a beautiful, heart-wrenching ballad that kills me. It's beautiful, somehow both loving and accepting, and so heartbreaking and painful. Reccing it to anyone and everyone. ♥ This vid of OOL is high quality, and gets the chatting (and screaming. XD) beforehand and a clear audio and visual on the song. Just. YES.


I know not all of my flist knows/is a fan of Adam, but I still rec this. The vocals are beautiful. (And, randomly, if you've heard his music and feel so-so about him, I suggest going to a live performance. He's one of those rare performers who sounds even better live. Somehow. He's magical. Really. Bonus, I will go with you! Adam plus my charming company, win/win, right? *g*)

Thanks and love to TALCvids for the gorgeous and brilliant quality of this!



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