A (much) happier post! Everyone go read this and tell the author how fabulous it is, please! ♥

The Plaguey Cheese by [info]iulia-linnea (PG; Harry Potter, Kreacher, Luna Lovegood; 1304 words) There were advantages to sharing Grimmauld Place with Luna, but receiving her "gifts" wasn't one of them.

This is all I love in the Harry-Luna dynamic, with appropriately "loony" Luna and out-of-the-loop Harry. I don't even have the words for this, I just love it. It's sweet, funny, and captures my sense of Harry and Luna perfectly. >:) Go read it!
The Adam Lambert/Glam Nation Fandom Community Listing compiled by [info]argylepiratewd

This is a fabulous resource for all Glamberts, old and new. It has everything: news, discussion, pairings, and fic. Check it out, and then bookmark it. ;)
HUSBANDS HAS BEGUN AIRING! This is so exciting! It's airing online, being a webseries. The first episode is available on "husbandstheseries.com"! Go view it. :D

This post has made me realize I desperately need a Cheeks icon. How have I not gotten one by now? lol
A Glam drabble community! Check it out! ♥

by [personal profile] qafmaniac

"Starting Sunday, 18 September, GLAM_100 will be issuing a bi-weekly challenge prompt." This comm can be found on DW and LJ! It's going to be so much fun.

An Adam Lambert and Friends Fanfiction Challenge


The Fest: Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2011! A Halloween fest over on DW. Check it out! It looks like a great deal of fun! [info]spook_me

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( Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:03 pm)
So You Think You Can Dance, Top six perform. Sasha's performance with Kent was by far the best of the night. So much intensity. So beautiful. I loved it so much I dashed right over here to share it. ♥

One more... )

Sasha, you simply blow me away with your vast ability and skill. ♥
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( Jul. 22nd, 2011 03:49 am)
Everyone should keep an eye on this upcoming mini webseries: Husbands

It's still in production, but promises to be brilliant. But then, GoCheeksGo is one of the actors and he is an absolute riot, as can be witnessed by viewing any of his youtube videos here. :) The show's got a great list of talent and I have no doubt will be both very funny and a great exploration of love and equality. So check it out! ♥

In any case, it seems right up Fandom's alley, whatever particular fandoms we may be playing in. It's provocative (Cheeks is by nature), fun, open-minded, and explores a universe of equality. (Those all being qualities our slashy fandom assumes, yes? It sounds like a slash fic, right? ;)

This is an aside, but Cheeks also owns/runs an interactive blog that provides random links, images, videos, etc to explore a variety of ideas, called WeYuMe. This is less based in humor (though still often quite entertaining), but very "Cheeks." It's hard to explain, so here's a link to the site's purpose: WeYuMe Mainfesto.
So, I participated in the Cockbert Big Bang, writing an Adam/Harry crossover. [personal profile] furorscribiendi wrote Adam/Harry too, much to my joy, and it is phenomenal. So if you liked mine, please go check out hers! Even if you didn't like mine, but love the idea of Adam/Harry, go read it. It is gorgeous, elegant and just stunning. The art is beautiful and so fitting to the fic. [profile] claire_kay outdid herself! If you can't tell, I am total fan here. ♥

Title: Tomorrow Comes Like Yesterday
Author: [personal profile] furorscribiendi
Artist: [profile] claire_kay
Type: crossover romance (Harry Potter/Adam Lambert)
Word Count: 38,216
Rating: PG-13 with moments of NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Harry Potter, brief Adam/Drake, mentions of Adam/Brad, Harry/Brad, Danielle, Hermione, Ron, Rose, Hugo
Warnings: strong language, sexual content
Life has a habit of springing the unexpected. Adam never figured he would be riding to the rescue of someone being beaten to death in an alleyway. Or that the man, Harry Potter, would be just as surprising, that he would become such an important part of his life. Harry's used to life throwing things in his path, usually of the not-so-pleasant variety. But being with Adam makes him think that maybe things are finally going his way. He takes all of Harry’s secrets and eccentricities in stride. Adam's something remarkably rare in his life, and someone he's not entirely willing to let go.

But the course of true love never did run smooth and even when they break up, they still can't quite give up on each other. They'll always been friends, since they both realize that's all they can ever let themselves be.

Over the years though, neither can bring themselves to face the plain and simple fact staring them right in the face.

They’ve never fallen out of love with each other.

Tomorrow Comes Like Yesterday - Master Post
Tomorrow Comes Like Yesterday - Master Art Post
Tomorrow Comes Like Yesterday - Fanmix


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