These are Voldemort/Harry drabbles for [ profile] noagirl. A belated birthday gift. *grin* I hope you like them! There are at least two more V/H drabbles lying around here, but they don't feel right, so I'm holding on to them for awhile.

I have come to a realization. My characterizations of Voldemort/Harry are either:
1. Insane (aka: OOC)
2. Dark
3. Both of the above.

These are all Voldemort/Harry in nature. Warnings for out-of-character conversations and the occasional curse word.

Title: Never
Word count: 328
Author's Notes: Hee! >_>

"You. . . . What?" Harry stared in shock at his lover. The man who would hopefully continue to be his lover. The way this conversation was going, Harry wasn't sure their relationship would make it.

Lord Voldemort scowled, "You heard me the first time, Potter."

"I didn't---I only meant---it's sort of hard to---you really haven't. . .never?"

"It has never been of interest to me." Voldemort shrugged elegantly.

"Not once?"



"No. Are you deaf, brat?" He grumbled.

"Never." Harry eyed him. "But you're male. I've never met a man who hasn't at least thought about it---"

Voldemort glared at him. "Now you have."

"Even Snape---"

"And I care about Snape's. . .escapades, why?"

There was a pause, then Harry spoke.

"So what you're telling me is, you're a---a virgin?" Harry gaped. He knew his expression had to be the dumbest thing currently residing in Britain, but he honestly couldn't help himself. "You've never played Quidditch before?"

"It's a moronic sport, Harry." Voldemort said with all of the patience he had. "Why would I ever care to play something as distasteful as," His nose wrinkled, "Quidditch?"

The likelihood of their relationship lasting took a severe dive. "Quidditch isn't stupid." Harry muttered in irritation. "Why're we even talking about this?"

"Because you tried pulling me into one of those mock games you're always practicing." Voldemort said, not unreasonably. "You know I'll never say yes, yet you persist in asking every damn time."


"Of course I am. You already knew that. Could we possibly go in for tea now?"

"Fine, fine." Harry pulled himself up from the bench they were seated on outside of Godric's Hollow. A hand settled gently on his back, guiding him toward the door. "Tom?"


"I suppose we could last, under one condition."

"What might that be?" Amusement laced Voldemort's voice.

"We're never to discuss Quidditch with each other ever again." Harry said flatly.

Voldemort gave an uncharacteristic snort, "Suits me, brat."

Title: In an Alarming Sort of Way
Word count: 145
Author's Notes: There's a smidgen of canon in here, if you squint.

"You're going to teach?"


"'re going to teach?"


"You're going to teach children?"

"What is so difficult to believe about that?"

"You. Teaching. It's mind-numbing in an alarming sort of way."

He scowled, "I've wanted to teach for years, brat. I'll thank you to keep your uninformed opinions to yourself."

"You asked for my opinion, Tom!" Harry rolled his eyes. "Anyway, you just lost patience with me and I'll have you know kids are worse than I am." Harry heard something that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle. "Shut up, Tom---kids are too worse than me."

"That is debatable." Voldemort said dryly.

"Bastard." Harry muttered. There was a pause before he broke the silence. ", you're going to teach at Hogwarts?"

Voldemort rolled his eyes. "Yes."

"For some reason I don't see Headmistress McGonagall allowing that."

Voldemort smirked, "She wasn't given much choice."


Title: Partnership
Word count: 125
Author's Notes: This would be the Dark one I mentioned. I wrote this while I was half asleep, yet it is probably my most coherent drabble.

The acrid smell of burnt flesh filled the air as tendrils of smoke rose lazily from his new tattoo. The Mark was now imprinted on his forearm. He looked up through the bangs that fell across his face, his green eyes glowing with an odd, almost satisfied light.

"You're mine now." It was both a reminder and a threat.

Harry smiled as he knelt at His feet. "I'm yours now." It was a promise. "And you're mine."

"Yes." Fingers curled into Harry's hair, petting gently.

Behind them row after row of the most faithful bowed before the image they made.

The Wizarding world had never seen such a terrible power as they would witness with the partnership of Harry James Potter and Tom Marvolo Riddle.

From: [identity profile]

*cackles* If their relationship lasts long enough, I suspect Harry will somehow manage to get him on his broomstick!

In An Alarming Sort of Way

The dynamic between the Headmistress and the Dark Lord promises to be amusing, indeed. As will be the reaction of the Boy Who Is A Brat when he discovers Tom and Minerva had a history...

Ah, the brilliant culmination of my most cherished daydreams...

More, please!

From: [identity profile]

Possibly... If Harry ever found something suitable for severe blackmail. *innocent grin*

In An Alarming Sort of Way
Are you deliberately planting plot bunnies? *eyes you* Because you're certainly inspiring me to continue these!

I'm actually giving a plot similar to this my (near) full attention, because I want to see if I can turn Harry evil dark when his intentions started out good. I'm not sure it will turn out well enough for putting up, but I hope so.

So many bunnies, so little time... :D Thank you for reviewing!

From: [identity profile]

I love them! I really like your characterisation of my favourite pair, and hope to read your next drabbles too. Harry being called 'brat' by Voldemort has somethign endearing, I can't help it. :)

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad you enjoyed them! :D I always thought their peculiar pet names for each other were rather cute, but the two act rather crazy when I write them. I can't help it either. *grin*

Have you read the Voldemort/Harry stories by [ profile] batsutousai on LJ? If you like my characterizations, I'm pretty sure you would enjoy hers too.

From: [identity profile]

Yes, I have! I'm a real shipper, active on the FAP Harry/Tom ship as weel :) Have you written more of this pairing? It's always wonderful to discover new writers.

From: [identity profile]

Batsu is the lady who really got me into the pairing. I'd dabbled in it before, but she pulled me straight into it so she always comes to mind when I rec things. *grin*

The only Harry/Tom-Voldemort I've written includes these three drabbles, The Magical Way of Life, and The 'L' Word ( That last one is the only one I'm not you've seen or not. :) I do plan to write more though, both drabbles and fics. I really hope those will be happening soon.

From: [identity profile]

God, all three of them are so beautiful! Wonderfully written and not OOC at all)) Gee, I re-read them twice! XD

From: [identity profile]

I'm so happy you liked them! :D They don't feel OOC? That is awesome to know, because I really can't help but write them that way... *grin*

From: [identity profile]

Re: Never
Yeah. Guess where my brain went with that one.

I, honestly, only ever remember reading Partnership out of these three. Sooooooo sad. ^.^"



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