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The Chapter Index for Ravenstar

Title: Ravenstar
Author: [ profile] eaivalefay
Rating: Soft R
Pairing(s): HP/LM, mentions of SS/BW, DM/??
Warnings: slash, swearing/profanity, sexual content, possible future violence, Work-In-Progress
Disclaimer: I own none of JKR's characters or world. I'm making no money off of my stories.
Summary: AU: Alternate Universe. Harry is kidnapped by elves when he is not even one year old. Voldemort never attacked Lily and James, because Harry wasn't there. At age 17, Harry's going on a mission to the wizarding world for his guardian.
Author Notes:
Things underlined are being spoken in Parseltongue.

Finally, but also most importantly, thanks very much to my beta.


Chapter One: Elvenborn

Chapter Two: To Be A Wizard

Chapter Three: First Night at Hogwarts

Chapter Four: Classes

Chapter Five: Meeting the Family

Chapter Six: Parselmouth

Chapter Seven: Order and Chaos

Chapter Eight: Discoveries, Pleasant or Otherwise

Chapter Nine: Of Eavesdropping and Consequences

Chapter Ten: Family, Education, and Family Education

Chapter Eleven: Intermission from Hogwarts

Chapter Twelve: Questions, Confessions, and Explanations

Chapter Thirteen: Puppy Love... Or Not.

Chapter Fourteen (part one): Serpents, Vampires, and Ghosts. Oh my!

Chapter Fourteen (part two): Serpents, Vampires, and Ghosts. Oh my!

Chapter Fifteen: The Morning After and the Day Before

Chapter Sixteen: A Little Preoccupied

From: (Anonymous)


I love this story and have been waiting for an update. I was wondering if you were going to update or just abandon the story


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